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Game of Pleasure, It is a board game of the art of beautiful lovemaking, specially developed for couples, prepared and designed by a sexual counselor, that teaches each other what women and men want, reminds you that there is pleasure not only in sexual intercourse but in every step taken together.
It helps couples who are bored with routine to experience colorfulness in both their lives and their sexuality. It is an educational and educational game for newly married couples who are experiencing sexuality. It is an enjoyable alternative for couples who are tired of short-term sexuality. It is a guide for couples who want to discover themselves and their partners. It's a great choice for fun, romance and eroticism.
The 1st Game is VAOOOW Game of Pleasure . The dice are rolled. Small beats starts. The person who rolls the dice moves on the map as much as the number. Comes to a picture. Finds the relevant picture among the cards and carries out the instruction. The person who does not roll the dice does not press the bell until the partner has the "VAOOOW" feeling in him to follow the instruction. The partner who does not roll the dice determines the duration of the game each time. The partner who rolls the dice must convince his partner by fulfilling the instructions in the most pleasant way. You determine the duration of the game. Until it comes to the BOOM picture, there is a prohibition of sexual intercourse. After passing the BOOM picture, you can move on to the 2nd game, BOOM. After that, the game is not over again. The 1st game, VAOOOW, is also the last 2 steps of the game of pleasure. Do not forget to fulfill.
VAOOOW Game of Pleasure IS AN ADULT GAME for 2 players.
You enjoy the pleasure and discover the happiness of being able to use that pleasure in your relationship.